3 Years Later…

Time FliesHow time flies!

It’s rather embarrassing to think that it has been 3 years almost to the day since my first and only post on this site.  But this is a new beginning and I have every intention of giving this blog the time it deserves, and hopefully in the process, adding value to you.

So let’s start with an update of what has happened over the past 2 years.

I decided to try my hand at SEO (search engine optimization) about 2 years ago.  I got an old client and friend to agree to allow me to try optimize their property website for the local keyword  ‘houses for sale in Mitchells Plain’ (the area in which that they sell properties).  The agreement was that I would do all the upfront work for free at my risk. If I got it right to get them to page 1 of Google, they would then pay me a monthly management fee for as long as I kept them there (initial 1 yr agreement).

I came so close to giving up at least 5 times while trying to get them optimised. It was in the time that Google released the Penguin and Panda algorithms and I new just enough to make one mistake after the next.

It took about 8 months before I got the site ranking on page 1, but I got it there and have since managed to rank it for ‘houses for sale in Cape Town’ which is a far more competitive keyword. It has ranked in position 1 of page 1 of Google for this keyword for over a year now.

After many courses on SEO, and a few clients later… in September 2013 I was able to quit my rather well-paying day job and start my own company that focuses on SEO, Online Reputation Marketing, and related internet marketing services for ‘offline’ clients.  This was the start of my dream to have a business that I could operate from anywhere.  I say the start, because I still need to go out to meet with clients, so I can’t truly work from anywhere.

Ultimately, I still want to have an online business that serves an online ‘audience’ as this will give me true freedom to operate from anywhere.  While the SEO services business is going well, I still feel very lost at creating an online business. Short of a single annual affiliate check of $50 that cost me $20 to deposit into my bank account, I have really made no money through selling anything online. I’ve simply not given this the focus it deserves, because, truth be told, I did not have a good plan to follow through.

But that has all changed today. It is 2 am in Cape Town, South Africa as I write and I have just come off the first of a 5 week webinar. It is a coaching program called “The Quick Start Challenge” and over the next 5 weeks, I will follow very specific weekly ‘challenges’ that are the stepping stones or practical step-by-step blueprint to starting my online business.

Writing this post was my first assignment and I made a commitment to do it tomorrow, but I’m so fired up that I decide to do it right now.

So over the next few weeks I’ll be updating this blog to share how it’s going. I’ll keep it real so you’ll get to hear about the highs and lows. I’m hoping that the highs seriously outweigh the lows, but come what may, this is a new beginning, the big beginning of my online adventure.

Please take some time to leave your thoughts below. I would love to hear how things are going with you -highs or lows- and where you are at or would like to be at.  🙂

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14 Responses to 3 Years Later…

  1. Doug says:

    It’s never too late to get refocused and started onto a better path. Taking on mentoring and taking action this will meld well with your offline business.
    To your success,

    • Charles (Karl) says:

      Thanks Doug, you’re right.. and the key for me now is to focus on this and see it through.

  2. Shane Hutton says:

    Well done, Great effort on getting your site up and running.
    Wishing you well and looking forward to following your blog

    Shane Hutton
    ethical marketing & internet business solutions
    URL: http://simplartimes.com
    Email: shane.m.hutton@gmail.com

  3. Chris Jones says:

    I understand your pain and how easily it is to get side tracked. I purchased my domain five years ago and never got around to starting it, but like you I knew one day I would get it going and so we are off and running. It’s the one who makes the final step across the line that wins the race…good luck.
    Chris Jones webmaster of http://www.footballexposed.com

    • Charles (Karl) says:

      Hey Chris, it’s always comforting to know that other people have faced similar challenges. 🙂 You’r right, of course, we simply need to keep our eys on the ‘prize’ and keep running until we cross that ‘Finish’ line.

  4. Moulay says:

    Hi there, I am impressed with your progress and SEO success. Look forward to looking at your web page again. Thank you.

  5. LeslieZ says:

    Congrats Charles on you SEO business. SEO is always something that has eluded me. I’ve tried different methods on and off again but never seen true success like you have. You should be really proud of your accomplishment.

    Because of your SEO success, I’d say your jump to your online business is very short. Here’s to your success with the challenge and building your online business.


    • Charles (Karl) says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, Leslie! SEO wasn’t always easy for me either. I think I was just desperate enough to push through the challenges and make it work. 🙂 I’m hoping that the online marketing will be a shorter learning curve. All the best with your progress too. May we get to celebrate each other’s successes soon!

  6. Rich Emmett says:

    Great to read about your SEO success. I’m looking forward to reading about your successes on the Quick Start Challenge and I’ll keep checking back in the hope that you share some of your fantastic SEO knowledge along the way 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Rich. Feel free to contact me with your SEO questions. I’ll gladly add value where I can.

  7. Ann says:

    Wow, Charles. I am truly impressed with how far you have come. I understand the desire to have time freedom, but you are on your way. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Ann. I do believe that I am on my way, but look forward to becoming ‘schooled’ in online marketing. I’m keen to witness your successes too as we commit to making this work! Keep me posted.

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