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My name is Karl (Charles) Marais. I live in Clovelly, a little seaside suburb of Cape Town, South Africa, with my wife, and 4 kids.

My wife home-schools our kids. I take my hat off to her as this is something I could never do, but she is brilliant at it and they are receiving a quality of education that they would not have received at a conventional school. There are quite a few ‘home-school families’ in our area, so they also get to do a lot of social interaction -something I was concerned they would miss out on being home-schooled.

As of October 2013, I started working full time in my own business. We focus on SEO and related online marketing services for ‘offline’ clients.

I am now starting out with an actual online business. By that I mean a business that caters to an online market, rather than one that caters to brick-n-mortar companies. One of my chief motivations for this is the idea of not being tied down to a geographical area simply because I work in that area.

An online business, by the definition above, plus home-schooled kids is a great recipe for being free to live and move around anywhere in the world without it taking away from my business. I have family in new Zealand and a good friends in Canada and the UK. I look forward to the day that I am in the position to simply ‘hop on a plane’ with my family and spend a 2 month mini-holiday with them, all while keeping ahead in my business.

I’m creative, but am also practical in my approach to life and learning. I find that it is far easier for me to apply things that I see others do, rather than what I read or hear. That said, I have watched many videos that tell me what to do, rather than show me how it is done. There have, however, been a few gems that I have been fortunate to acquire as far as truly practical courses.

Even as I apply the things that I have learned (both the practical and theoretical courses), I hope to use this site as a platform to share the process of these actions in a practical way that can be easily applied, and perhaps where it makes more sense, to simply point you to products I have purchased that clearly show how to apply some of the things that will enhance your online business.

While I have good experience in SEO, I start this online marketing journey from scratch so you are in a good position to watch me build it from the ground up. This is a real journey for me, so you will witness ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’. It is not my intention to pretend to be an internet marketing ‘guru’, but rather to simply be an average person that attains great success in my internet marketing business by applying the things that are proven to work.


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  1. Sandy says:

    Awesome Charles! 2 months ‘mini’ holiday??? Lol šŸ˜€ It always fascinates me how some parents can home school their children. I for one don’t have the courage to do that for my children. Rather leave it to the professional. Hopping on to read more! To your Abundance!

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