My First $100 Day – Here’s the Secret

Benjamin-Franklin-U.S.-$100-billWhen I started on this internet marketing journey, I had big dreams of it becoming a business that would provide enough ongoing income for me to enjoy my current lifestyle and grow my wealth. I saw it as a way of replacing my present income stream and providing a true mobile business that I could run from anywhere in the world.

Now this is still my dream and I’m determined to get there, but there is no magic button to instantly make it happen.

I’ve been in business long enough to know that I have to start at a point and set up little goals that I can attain relatively quickly. This provides me the opportunity to achieve little wins which increase my excitement and motivation to forge ahead towards those bigger goals and dreams.

So my first goal was to simply make money online. Any amount was fine. A single dollar would have been enough reason to ‘pop the champaigne’. I was blessed to achieve this goal only 3 days after setting everything up. It was only $7, but it was a BIG win.

My next goal was to earn $100 online in a single day. One of my future goals is to consistently earn $100 a day, but for now, just earning $100 in a single day would be awesome.

I achieved this goal yesterday! …Goofy ear-to-ear smile…jumping off the couch…bent leg cartwheel…sudden back pain…and that’s probably enough excitement for one day!

I know $100 isn’t financial freedom, but it certainly is enough to get me super excited about the fact that what I’m doing is producing results and has the potential to grow into something big. Did I mention that it’s only been about 3 weeks since I achieved my first goal of earning a single dollar online?

Now if you’ve followed my progress for a while, then you know that I’m not sharing this success to boast. So why am I sharing it? I thought some of you would benefit from knowing the secret to achieving a ‘$100 day’…. or perhaps I should say, ‘my’ secret to achieving a ‘$100 day’. If that’s you then here goes… Continue reading