Confessions of an Online ‘Doubting Thomas’

My first curiosity towards Internet Marketing was birthed out of a desperate need to earn some extra money (to put it mildly)

I was optimistically skeptical and wandered through a search engine, discovering one unbelievable opportunity after another.  When I say unbelievable, I do not simply mean that they were incredible opportunities. I mean that I didn’t believe that these opportunities were real.  Looking back, I’m still convinced that many were scams.

Overwhelmed with all the information and doubtful of a true opportunity to make money online, I stopped looking and continued my struggle to make ends meet in the tangible world I live in.

A few years on and my curiosity once again got the better of me.  Yes, times were tough again and I was looking for an escape.  What a better place to escape to than cyberspace.

My quest was a little more focused now and I started to see opportunities that looked like they actually made sense.  Like most people that start out, I downloaded every freebie I could find, but my skepticism kept me far away from pushing any ‘Buy now’ buttons.  So I dedicated myself to learning what I needed to know about internet marketing from my ever-growing collection of freebies and it wasn’t long before I successfully struck…wait for it… information overload again.

So once again I continued to work in the ‘concrete jungle’ and believe it or not, things started going really well for me.  I landed a job in a position that I was not qualified for and actually started earning some good money.

I would still browse online income opportunities on an ad hoc basis and got to ‘know’ some marketers that I kept my eye on.  Over the next year I saw them launch and sell information products and then heard/read independent testimonials about them from other people who seemed to be doing pretty well online.

Well, I was now ready to take that big leap and purchase my first online product.  I hit the ‘purchase’ button, downloaded the videos, and spent the next few days learning so much that I was pumped to get down and start making money.

Then it happened… a whole year passed and while I continued to make good money in the real world, my busy days and tired nights kept me far away from building my online business.

Even as I write this I can’t believe that I spent such a long time looking at ways to make money online, eventually invested in some good training, and yet still made no money.

It was time to get serious.  Either walk away from Internet Marketing forever, or give it an honest bash.

And that’s just what I did.

I put effort into it very much in the same way I had put effort into my brick-n-morter efforts and believe it or not … I actually made money by applying what I had learned.

It was no overnight millionaire stuff.  My first earnings were modest, but it’s a start.

I’m quite intrinsic and after analyzing why it took me a year from the time I invested in the training to the time I actually applied what I learned, I realized that I lacked a clear, practical, step-by-step system that I could simply follow without needing to figure out the detail.

It is my hope and aim that through both the information I provide in this blog I will assist you to begin or grow your internet marketing business in a way that can be easily applied.

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4 Responses to Confessions of an Online ‘Doubting Thomas’

  1. Sandy says:

    Your first win over me Charles, is your sincerity. I can feel your sincerity from the heart and that alone speaks volume. I wish you great success and yes, look forward to learn and hear more of it 🙂 To your Abundance!

  2. Zchohn says:

    Karl, It’s awesome that you are using your past experiences and current skills to take others on this journey of Internet Marketing in a way that will prevent us from encountering some of the hurdles that you have experienced. This is an excellent initiative and I wish you all the success.

    • Charles (Karl) says:

      Hi Zchohn, thanks for your kind words.

      Research shows that the most successful and sustainable companies are those who ‘give back’ and help others. I encourage you to do the same as you get going. My personal experience is that even if you have a product that will truly benefit someone, they will be reluctant to buy it from you if they don’t know you. However, if you have walked a road with them that demonstrates that you have their success at heart, they will make the buying decision far easier and both you and they will emerge as winners.

      I look forward to hearing about your successes down the road.

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