Done! …By The Skin of My Teeth!

man-with-check-sign-02-leftStarting up my Internet Marketing business has been adventurous to say the least. I’ve really enjoyed setting up my blog and implementing the practical steps to ensure that my business is set up for success.

Like all adventures, this one as had its fun times and also its fair share of challenges.

My biggest challenge had to be setting up a subscriber opt-in Form and offering a free gift to encourage people to subscribe to my list.

It’s not so much that setting up an opt-in form was challenging. With the right tools it’s pretty easy. What was challenging was:


  1. Finding a valuable gift

I didn’t just want to offer a gift for the sake of offering one. I ended up spending way too many days looking for a product to purchase that I, myself would find valuable to use. I obviously also needed a product where I could purchase a Resale Rights Licence that would allow me to offer it as a free gift.

After searching through more products than I care to recall, I eventually found 6 products that met the criteria above. I have, in fact, used these products myself to enhance my own squeeze pages and download pages.


  1. Setting up attractive squeeze pages and download pages.

I set up individual HTML pages as opposed to making use of WordPress for this. I just felt that it gave me a little more flexibility as pertains to the look and feel of the pages. Fortunately I had templates that I bought (these are part of the free gift to the right of this page) so I didn’t have to start it from scratch. I simply needed to customize it a little. Still, learning to use the HTML editor, uploading it to Hostgator and including links to the download folder required some technical savvy.

I intend to do a walk through on how to set this up in the near future so check back if it’s something you’d like to learn to do.

I made a commitment in the comments of my last blog post to have it all finished and set up by Wednesday past. If I knew what I didn’t know about setting it up at that stage, I would never have made that commitment.

Well, I pushed hard, worked late…and made it…by the skin of my teeth! Actually, I only completed it at 03h30 Thursday morning, but that was still Wednesday in America so technically, I made it! J

Please take advantage of the free gift and let me know what you think of it.

I’d love to hear how things are going with you or if there is anything specific that you’d like me to touch on in this blog so go ahead and comment below.

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