My First $100 Day – Here’s the Secret

Benjamin-Franklin-U.S.-$100-billWhen I started on this internet marketing journey, I had big dreams of it becoming a business that would provide enough ongoing income for me to enjoy my current lifestyle and grow my wealth. I saw it as a way of replacing my present income stream and providing a true mobile business that I could run from anywhere in the world.

Now this is still my dream and I’m determined to get there, but there is no magic button to instantly make it happen.

I’ve been in business long enough to know that I have to start at a point and set up little goals that I can attain relatively quickly. This provides me the opportunity to achieve little wins which increase my excitement and motivation to forge ahead towards those bigger goals and dreams.

So my first goal was to simply make money online. Any amount was fine. A single dollar would have been enough reason to ‘pop the champaigne’. I was blessed to achieve this goal only 3 days after setting everything up. It was only $7, but it was a BIG win.

My next goal was to earn $100 online in a single day. One of my future goals is to consistently earn $100 a day, but for now, just earning $100 in a single day would be awesome.

I achieved this goal yesterday! …Goofy ear-to-ear smile…jumping off the couch…bent leg cartwheel…sudden back pain…and that’s probably enough excitement for one day!

I know $100 isn’t financial freedom, but it certainly is enough to get me super excited about the fact that what I’m doing is producing results and has the potential to grow into something big. Did I mention that it’s only been about 3 weeks since I achieved my first goal of earning a single dollar online?

Now if you’ve followed my progress for a while, then you know that I’m not sharing this success to boast. So why am I sharing it? I thought some of you would benefit from knowing the secret to achieving a ‘$100 day’…. or perhaps I should say, ‘my’ secret to achieving a ‘$100 day’. If that’s you then here goes…

The Big Secret… 🙂

You’ve probably heard it said many times that the first dollar earned online is the hardest dollar earned online. It’s true. This isn’t because it requires a genius to make it work. Anybody can do it. However, it does require knowing what to do and a lot of work to set up everything and, finally, doing the activities that will attract the right people to your offering. It’s your biggest learning curve and this is why it’s the most difficult dollar to earn.

Once you’ve successfully earned your first dollar, acquiring more prospects to purchase your offering or duplicating your activities with a different offering is a whole lot easier and takes far less time.

So the secret is this…

1. Find someone who is making money online and who will share the exact process they follow to achieve this with you. Now if you’re new to this, then you’re not looking for someone who will tell you what to do. You’re going to need someone who will show you how to do it so that you don’t spend unnecessary time trying to figure out the technical aspects of setting everything up.

2. Set out as much time as you can in your calendar to apply the things that you learn. The more time you can put aside to follow through on the activities you need to complete, the sooner you will start to earn money. If you don’t have much time, that’s fine. Just put aside what you can, but be consistent.

3. Set up little goals that you can achieve. Goals should be process driven. If your goal is to earn your first dollar online, then you’ll want to break that up into the activities that you need to complete in order to earn that first dollar. Unless you’re motivated by failure, you’ll want to make sure that your initial goals are small and easy enough to accomplish, so that these little achievements can motivate you to push ahead.

4. Be single-minded. Once you have found a proven process to follow, continue to do the necessary activities until it works for you. You are likely going to become frustrated with the things you don’t know or don’t understand along the way. There’s a real chance that you will second-guess what you’re doing. When this happens, you’re inevitably going to stumble upon ‘shiny objects’ that ‘guarantee’ that you’ll make money online in no time at all if you just ‘buy now and follow these easy steps’. It doesn’t matter what you buy, making moeny online is going to require some good work and commitment. See it through.

5. Have a heart for people, not money. This may sound like a contradiction, because Internet Marketing is all about making money online. I’m often asked by people why I do certain things for other people (or companies in the case of my SEO business) without charging for it. Now don’t be misled, I do charge for products and services, but there are often cases where I will provide a service that people would pay for, at no cost. When I reply that I do it to earn more money later, I receive blank stares. But I learned a long time ago that people are not easily deceived. They will quickly see if you are more interested in their success or in taking their money. If they know that you’re more interested in their money, they will not trust you, even if your product or service offers them a perfect solution for their problem. However, if you are truly more interested in helping them, they will see this and trust you. Then, when they have a need that your product or service can meet, they will be more than happy to trade their money for your product or service.

So there you have it; my secret to achieving my first $100 day. If you were hoping for a quick fix then I apologise.

If you are somewhere on this road already and you have a proven process to follow, then I encourage you to continue in your journey until you see the fruit of your labour.

If you are yet to start your journey or you’re trying this and that, but have no proven process to follow, then your first priority should be to find someone that is making money online and who will show you how to do the same. Then take action and apply the processes until your achieve your goals.

Finally, if you’re new to this and you don’t know where to find a proven course that you can follow, why not sign up to my course on the top right of this page. It is a ‘look-over-my-shoulder-and-follow-along’ type course that will show you what to do in great detail. I plan to sell once it is complete, but if you sign up before I complete it, you can work through the entire course for free.

I leave you with this final encouragement: Do the things today that others are not prepared to do, and one day you will not need to do the things that others have to do.

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18 Responses to My First $100 Day – Here’s the Secret

  1. Congratulations on your first 100$, I have been skeptical about earning money online for quite sometime..thanks for showing me it’s a possibility!

    • Charles (Karl) says:

      Thanks, Caroline! I was skeptical when I first investigated Internet Marketing too. I’m glad this post was beneficial.

      All the best in your online endeavors.

  2. I know exactly what you are saying about earning that 1st 100 dollar online.

    Its all about constant activity and having a system that you stick to.

    I wish I read this when I was starting out it would have saved me a lot of time and money, money on buying so many products from Ewen Chia hehehe.

    You know what I mean?

    • Charles (Karl) says:

      Hey Josh, I’ve bought from him too. 🙂 I should probably dig it up again and see if I can use it. 😉

      Guess we had to start somewhere.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Paul Jenkins says:

    That’s a very nice summary of the way almost everyone feels when first starting out in this game..though ‘game’ is perhaps too light a term for what for many of us is actually a serious endeavour to create a serious long term business.

    I would actually modify point 1 a little – I think it’s important certainly to be strongly guided by someone who has demonstrably succeeded using their own system and sharing it FULLY. However, I also think it’s critical as early as possible to find and use one’s own voice and approach in communication. The danger of the gurus and coaches can be that one might emulate, rather than learn and adapt, create, be original and give real unique value.

    Anyway, thanks for a great article.

    • Charles (Karl) says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Paul and for adding to that point. I agree that once we have followed the ‘dot-to-dot’ processes we need to make these our own and move beyond the mould of what we’ve been taught.

      Thanks again for sharing!

  4. Dawn says:

    Great beginnings! Heck, I remember the first $50; still have it too (kind of like framing the first dollar).

    Like you, the return is not consistent yet; but every little chip in that big log means we are moving forward.


    • Charles (Karl) says:

      Thank you, Dawn! I actually have my first $50 cheque framed in my office. 🙂

      Well done on your first $50 too! Now we’ll just keep chipping at that log until we where we want to be!

  5. Sandy Tan says:

    Awesome and much Congrats Charles. Sure it’s exhilarating! Thanks for sharing your secrets. #5 caught my eyes the most and I totally agree. Your experience about giving it at no cost was very familiar to me. And it feels good to be able to give and contribute. I wish you all the best forward and upward. To your Abundance! 😀

    • Charles (Karl) says:

      Thank you, Sandy! -and you’re welcome.

      Yes, applying #5 does make one feel good. It often goes against people’s mindset, but it is so important to a business’ long-term success. But I don’t need to tell you this, it is clear that you already apply this principle. 🙂

  6. Keyur says:

    Great success Charles. This is the time to rejoice but not that much. Its just a matter of rinse and repeat which bring in more and more money with time, provided everything is done the right way.


    • Charles (Karl) says:

      Thanks Keyur! Absolutely! We make a point of celebrating the small wins, because it keeps us motivated, but we continue to push forward towards the next little win. Soon enough, the little wins culminate into the big win, which for me is to have a successful Internet Marketing business.

      Thanks again for your feedback!

  7. Marianne says:

    Hi Charles, I couldn’t agree with point #5 more. People can see right through it when you are just selling and have no genuine interest in what’s best for them.

    Congrats on your first $100 goal, that’s awesome! And I appreciate you pointing out that little goals are good to aim for in the beginning. I will be launching my first product this year and this gives me hope!

  8. Rich Emmett says:

    Firstly, congratulations on your milestone of a 3-figure day. When so many people fail to make any money online at all, that is an achievement worth celebrating. I agree whole heartedly with your blog post – particularly finding a coach or mentor and following their proven success. There are so many ways of going on the wrong track and relatively few ways of getting it right and building your earnings. Also, it’s not easy and success doesn’t happen over night. It’s only people like you who give internet marketing the same respect as any other offline business that will succeed. Thanks for sharing your great advice 🙂

    • Charles (Karl) says:

      I couldn’t agree more with your your 2nd last sentence. If people treated it like starting up any other business there would be many more success stories.

      Thanks for sharing!

  9. Scott says:

    Great Job Karl! I remember when I had my first $100 day…it was a great feeling, but didn’t celebrate anything until I was having consistent $100 days…that took some work, but found it is a little easier getting there once the first $1 hurdle was passed. You did it and it only gets better from here. Keep having successes and mark down your calendar when you hit your goals to motivate you further.

    • Charles (Karl) says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Scott! I’m looking forward the ‘$100 per day’ achievement. 🙂 All in good time. We’ll just keep eating this elephant 1 bit at a time.

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