Yay! I made money online. Now You can benefit!

man-throwing-moneyWhat an awesome feeling! I set up this blog (or ‘reinstated’ it to be more accurate) a little over a month ago. My aim was to use it as a platform to launch my online marketing business.

I’ll be honest and say that I had mixed feelings when I set out. I followed a good course and saw how the course owner had started out the same way and made money from the blog he started, without claiming to be anything more than he was. This appealed to me beacause I didn’t want to pretend to be anything more than I am, and it made sense to me that if I tried and actually succeeded to make some money online, I would have something of value to offer others that have never earned money online before. The ‘mixed feelings’ element came from the fact that I had made myself vulnerable by being honest about the fact that I was starting from nothing with the intention and determination to do all I could to make a success. So, what if I wasn’t successful? That would be a public failure and would leave me feeling a little more than embarrassed.

So you can imagine just how excited I was when I earned my first money online as a result of this blog. What made it even more exciting was that I earned it only 3 days after having everything set up. How awesome is that! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blowing my own horn. There is nothing special about my abilities. I just followed a tried and tested method and it’s paying off.

Now the formula is really simple:

  1. Set up a blog
  2. Drive traffic to the blog
  3. Build a list
  4. Sell relevant products to your list

The application of that formula, however, is filled with a whole lot of complex detail for the person who is just starting out online and who does not have too much technical experience. Of course you could outsource some of the technical stuff, but how do you outsource what you don’t understand?

I have started many things with great excitement in the past, only to give up somewhere along the way because of obstacles that I didn’t know how to overcome.

The course that I followed was brilliant in that it laid out weekly challenges that, if followed through on, would result in the first 3 steps of the formula above. However, it offered no technical or practical steps for achieving those results.

I have thus decided to offer a very practical look-over-my-shoulder-and-follow-along course that any person who is brand new to internet marketing can follow to achieve the same results as I have. So if you can watch video clips and pause it once in a while to do exactly what you see, you can achieve this.

Now here’s the really good news! I am going to offer this for free, at least for a limited time. All you have to do is sign up on the top right hand side of this page and accept your free gift. You will then be added to my course and will receive a series of emails and videos to follow so that you can set up your own blog and make money online.

What’s the catch? Well, nothing other than the fact that by offering this to you I am forced to follow through on creating a product for Newbies that I believe will be valuable to sell, once it is complete. This is my commitment to you. If you sign up any time between now and the time I complete this course, I will allow you to follow the course through to the end at no cost. Now let me say this in the interest of complete transparency. There will be tools and resources that I will offer you at a cost along the way, but none of these will be vital to your success. They will simply save you time or help boost your efforts. You can follow along and achieve the same success I am enjoying without purchasing anything from me.

So if you are new to internet marketing or even someone who has tried unsuccessfully for some time, why not benefit from my success. Simply sign up for free on the top right hand side of this page and follow along.




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10 Responses to Yay! I made money online. Now You can benefit!

  1. LeslieZ says:

    This is a very engaging post Karl! I enjoyed reading your story and congratulations on making money with your list.

    I think its great that you are creating your course and giving it away to your list…at least initially.

    That should help build great rapport with your list which will result in even greater profits.

    Good luck!


    • Charles (Karl) says:

      Hi Leslie, thanks for your encouraging comment. I do agree that this affords me the opportunity to show my list that I have their success at heart. I also believe that by investing into their success now, I will see a greater return later.

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks for sharing Charles. I am new to this game. It’s true that i don’t even know what to outsource because everything seems like a steep learning curve to me. Just have to learn and apply, trial and error. Great thing we have this awesome community where I know where to look when i need help. Wishing you great success Charles. To your Abundance!

    • Charles (Karl) says:

      You’re welcome, Sandy! There is a lot to learn when you stert out in this ‘game’. It can become overwhelming if you don’t have support. May every day get easier for you.

  3. Keyur Amin says:

    I am going to follow the formula soon. Today I will be completing some tasks which are left out for my blog.

    Then I am going to structure my swipe files or emails as an autoresponder then get on with it and drive more and more traffic to the website. Obviously I will still go on blogging but that’s the plan.

    Thanks for sharing your journey so far and I will be sharing mine too. Let’s make this adventure better by being together.

    • Charles (Karl) says:

      That sounds awesome, Keyur! One of the keys I got from the course I did was that to do something is more important than trying to get it perfect.

      I encourage you to get your Autoresponder active even if you don’t have all your emails set up. When people join you’ll naturally fill in any gaps.

      Looking gorward to seeing your development.

  4. Dawn says:

    I like your transparency. Letting people know that your “journey” may become a course for new marketers at a later time.

    I hope you emphasize that buying more information and new products is not the road to success. Tools to help automate daily tasks are just that; tools.

    Like everything else, if you never put them into use, they become another relic in the library on your hard drive.

    • Charles (Karl) says:

      Hi Dawn, thanks for your feedback. I couldn’t have said it better. Following a single proven course and applying what you learn is far more beneficial than jumping from one course to another in the hope that you will make some quick money.

      The only type of investments that one should consider thereafter are the tools that could aid your ongoing activities.

  5. Reg E. says:

    I found this post to be not only informative but also engaging. The transparency of the conversation will go a long way in reaching others.

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